Friday, October 16, 2009

Change Header Banner of SharePoint Site

Client site is not that much development savvy. What they need to do is change the banner image from their SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) site:
This is the logo that needs to be changed:

Like other site this logo would not change through these settings

I needed a fast, simple and easy approach so what I did is:
  1. Rename by banner image to "bl_logo.jpg"
  2. Go to the "Site Content and Structure"
  3. Take backup of existing "bl_logo.jpg" (precaution)
  4. Upload the banner image to this library from step 1. Select "overwrite selected files"
  5. The banner image would be visible on site.

This is the easy and fastest method that I found. Surely there are more "recommended" ways of doing the same but unfortunately that is not fast and easy. Nonetheless I would share them here.
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